Down home funk, fat grooves, blistering riffs and unmatched energy are a few things that come to mind when describing the music of Fred Green, a well established band hailing from Tempe, AZ. Fred has a signature sound that draws together such styles as rock, reggae, jazz, and funk to form a tapestry of technically proficient grooves and powerful hooks. The members draw upon their vast experience and talent to put together an exciting, high energy performance. Chris Peeler fronts the group with strong lead vocals while showcasing his impressive drum set chops. Sammy Lersch fattens the groove with solid, deep bass lines that rumble the earth. With the groove set in a steady foundation, Todd Minnix ices the cake with his vocal harmonies and a mind-bending guitar. The recent addition of Jason Prichard provides another layer of vocal harmonies, percussion and stage presence. The quirky, fun-loving nature of the group always adds an extra bit of flavor to the show. Combine these elements and you have Fred Green, a musical force to be reckoned with.

Along with Fred Green comes an army of hit producers directing the group through the battlefield of today’s music industry. After recording & filming with legendary producer Kim Fowley, Fred headed back to the desert to work on a new cd.With the recent release of their fourth full length album “Still Burnin'”, they have put together an all star team of music industry professionals. The album was recorded at Mind’s Eye Digital in Scottsdale, Arizona then sent to Grammy winning engineer Jason Corsaro (Soundgarden, Peter Gabriel, Madonna) at the BarberShop in New Jersey for mixing. Two of the tracks were then taken to Portland, Maine for mastering by the legendary Grammy winner Bob Ludwig in preparation for radio release. The rest of the album was finalized by Jim Wilson at yet another Grammy winning hotspot, Airshow Mastering, in Boulder, Colorado. To top it all off, they get a little extra gravy from legendary drummer Tim Alexander (Primus) sitting in on a few tracks. The process has brought the band to an entirely new level according to Lance Bendiksen, owner of Bendiksen Productions. “They’ve been able to create a sound that’s not like anyone else. You can pick out influences — yes, Primus, you even hear some Beatles in there, but it comes out sounding like Fred Green. And in an industry where everyone’s looking for the next Coldplay or Dave Matthews copycats, Fred Green is the real deal.” This album is a masterpiece of musicality and a testament to the future of the group.