“Fred Green is the next musical step in party monster rock. Music biz folks, I hereby endorse Fred Green and predict a great musical future for them.” — Kim Fowley

“Their music is a mix between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Primus with the vocals suggestive of Alice in Chains.” — Link Music

“…funk that leaps and drifts from deep, blessed-out grooves to incendiary instrumental breaks.” — Phoenix New Times

“Valley trio Fred Green loves to get you grooving to good-time vibes and bouncing to reggae beats. The band’s fusion of ska, rock, and funk is a glorious mix, particularly on their latest album, Still Burnin’, which features some guest percussion by Primus drummer Tim Alexander.” — Niki D’Andrea–Phoenix New Times

Fred Green in “The Most Beautiful Movie Ever Made”

BeSonic Charts France June 2007

Fred Green featured on the cover of the Phoenix New Times April 19th, 2007

Fred Green featured in Phoenix New Times June 10th 1999

Fred Green Featured in Phoenix New Times October 10th 1996

Fred Green in Rock Star Magazine 1999

Fred Green on Barefoot Radio

Photos by Andrew Weiss

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FRED GREEN – Still Burnin’
(Self released)

Fred Green is not one man but rather a well-seasoned power-trio consisting of guitarist and singer Todd Minnix, bassist Sam Lersch and drummer and singer Chris Peeler. The band plays a heavy version of stoner rock but they can take it in any number of directions and sound good. “Brand New Shoe” taps into a funky rock sound virtually trademarked these days by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Every Little Thing” and “Habit” both recall Sublime but “In a Minute” finds Fred Green rocking like Primus-meets-King Crimson as Minnix heads for the stratosphere with Zappa-esque licks. “Lose the Attitude” backs down a little with its bouncy and beachy melody; kind of like Jack Johnson with bigger cojones. These guys are a little bit grunge and a little bit Hendrix but they’re also fans of reggae and Steve Miller, a fact that they flawlessly demonstrate with “Today.”…